Paul D. Canhan

Project Coordinator III
Department of Health

Nowadays, being on top of your game does not necessarily mean that you only have experience. It’s better to be relevant and to be relevant. Means to be familiarized and acquainted with the latest trends. I salute AAPM for bringing us project managers together to share our experiences, laugh on our mistakes and look forward to the future. Thank you AAPM for this is valuable support in our project management journey.

Loyd Brendan P. Norella

Program Director
ISEAN HIVOS Program Jakarta

The MPM training module provides valuable insights to practicing project managers. The course provides a good theoretical background for framing real like project management challenges. It also allows for sharing of experiences and learning from different contexts through the class.

Jonathan C. Cordero

General Manager

The course is an eye opener for me in terms of validating and improving skills and knowledge in project management.

Picazo, John Kerwin M.

Test Operations Manager
NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao

I will apply what I have learned/absorbed in this 2 day course to the best of my abilities.

Clarice Cuevas-Estrella

Project Manager
Teleperformance Phils.

I enjoyed the fun and experiential approach as well as the realistic discussions in the class. No dull moment and very informative.

Juan Jose IV. Jamora

General Manager
Consultancy & Managent Corp.

The program was beneficial wherein it help validate some of my ideas and presented my with new ideas, and different and new solutions to problems.

Paulo Pantanglo

Project Manager

Attending this session made me appreciate my job as a project manager with the additional & experience shared by my co trainees. More prepared & ready to face any challenge.

Ruth Salome Magpayo

Senior Manager

The course will surely be of help in conceptualizing, planning and implementing projects concerning my area of expertise. Currently, the bank aims to rid its book of much of the non performing assets, non performing loans and litigated accounts. Organizing cross-functional teams that can address this concern will be easier with the management skills learned from this course. Moreover, as banks are oversee to risks, the principles learned in risk management will come in handy.

Pet Español III

Transnational Logistics Inc.

A superb experience, it’s like a problem solving technique in a bigger and wider perspective.

Clarissa Abesamis

Engineer 2/NPI Project Manager
Maxim Phil. Operating Corporation

At first I thought this was just simple & old style training but to my surprise, I learned a lot of new things that I found useful to apply to my company. Sharing from attendees who were experts in their own professions did help a lot to open up new ideas.

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