Pocholo Reyes


Too many concepts but too little real life examples. I like it more when the other managers share their experiences related to the concepts.

Renel Recillo

Quality Engineer
Transitions Optical Phil’s. Inc.

Very informative training that can be applied on actual work achieving the business objective of our company.

The experiences shared by the co-trainee are very much helpful on future application in handling projects well.

The case studies will be helpful too.

Ed Peralta


Being in the industry for almost 10 years, I thought that I knew the pm technique. But this seminar shows that I need learn more to become an expert in this discipline. I commend Rence for teaching us new things.

Julieta C. Bautista

Managing Consultant
JUB Business Consulting

Based on my experience, this program helped me integrate all those knowledge & experiences. It will help me in my work.

Davi Adeline Paungan

IT Consulting
Synersys Consulting

Being someone with very little experiences with project management, I can say that I learned a lot from this training. I learned, not only through the trainor, but also through my co-trainees. I appreciate that I belonged to a group who have different expertise that gave me insight to their lines of work and new learning’s through firs-hand stories.
Trainor is very good at giving examples. It helped a lot that relates topics to current events and practical situations.

Ronald B. Ulep

NCR Corp Phils
Project Manager

Great! This is a good way to learn Project Management.

Juan Jose IV. Jamora

General Manager
Consultancy & Managent Corp.

The program was beneficial wherein it help validate some of my ideas and presented my with new ideas, and different and new solutions to problems.

Loyd Brendan P. Norella

Program Director
ISEAN HIVOS Program Jakarta

The MPM training module provides valuable insights to practicing project managers. The course provides a good theoretical background for framing real like project management challenges. It also allows for sharing of experiences and learning from different contexts through the class.

Maria Bella Layrit

Transitions Optical Phil’s. Inc.

What I appreciated most about the training are the wide-range experiences of the trainer and the training attendees. It made us widen our horizons on project management as we are shared with ideas & experiences of leaders from different industries.

Neil C. Guillen

Project Manager
Filinvest Development Corp. Utilities Inc.

The seminar is timely and highly recommended for beginners in the field of Project Management. The participant will gain a sufficient knowledge, skills & tools in Project Management that is applicable in their respective work as Project Manager.

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