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The AAPM™ is the first graduate organization in the world for project managers that offers board certification in several key fields. Led by the Global Board of Standards, composed of outstanding professors, experts, scientists, and PhDs from around the world, the AAPM™ is truly an international organization that requires its members to possess college education and experience. The AAPM™ provides an unparalleled opportunity to experience a global environment, and gain the unique vision and flexibility that only an international experience can provide.

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There is a list of requirements one must fulfill before he or she can carry the title of the Master Project Manager. This includes extensive learning, possessed industry knowledge, and experience. 

The MPM™ is the world's premier graduate masters certification for project managers. This credential is for college educated professionals who manage teams, departments, and employees.

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Philippines Program Dates

Master Project Manager Certification Program
January 11 & 12, 2018
Crowne Plaza Galleria, Ortigas Center, Pasig City






Frequently Asked Questions


A: Simply submit your application and resume for review to our AAPM™ Global Board of Standards which is composed of Professionals and Executives in over 100 countries Worldwide. You will soon learn if you are eligible for advanced standing and entrance into an Executive Certification Course.



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The program was beneficial wherein it help validate some of my ideas and presented my with...

Juan Jose IV. Jamora

General Manager

The program was delivered professionally and I grasp a lot of additional knowledge that...

Remigio Rex Jamilarin

Plant Engineer

What is MPM?

The American Academy of Project Management ™ is a Global Board of Standards and Accreditatoin Council for project management industry professionals and related institutions.






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