AAFM ® Frequently Asked Questions

  • How and when was the AAPM founded?
    A: The original organization was chartered in 1997, via a merger between the CEC group and the Founding Members of the Board of the Condor Falcon Graduate Institute of Leadership. The AAPM was originally established as a professional organization for project managers, e-business consultants, project leaders, IT managers, government employees, professors, project risk managers, quality managers, human resource professionals, military vetarans, and organizational analysts. The Condor Falcon Graduate Institute was founded to examine strategic leadership issues MBA graduates and to award the leadership analyst and business designations. The merger of these two entities provided a cross-discipline association with strong reach and a mature membership platform.
  • How is the AAPM Structured?
    A: The AAPM Board of Standards is the Certifying Board and Authority that is legally independent from any training and chapter services operations... The AAPM is a professional global body that is governed by a Board of Standards and a certification code of ethics and standards of practice. The AAPM Chapters and Local Member associations operates in several countries as a society or non-profit association, with the members of the local or regional chapter making up the stakeholders of the chapters. At all times the AAPM and its members are accountable to the community laws and to the Board of Standards.
    A: Simply submit your application and resume for review to our AAPM™ Global Board of Standards which is composed of Professionals and Executives in over 100 countries Worldwide. You will soon learn if you are eligible for advanced standing and entrance into an Executive Certification Course.
  • Is The American Academy recognized worldwide?
    A: AAPM™ recoginzes and approved the best PM Graduate programs on a case by case basis. Several of the programs that the AAPM recognizes are double accredited government recognized by the ACBSP and AACSB ™ International. The AAPM™ now has 40 approved and registered training programs which are accredited. AAPM™ is the first global organization to recognize superior business schools. AAPM has members who are top faculty and analysts from the best universities in the World. AAPM is listed and properly disclosed on the Government Department of Education Websites and the AAPM™ has special rights to the Board Certified MPM ™ Master Project Manager ™ Trademark and Licensing around the world.
  • How do I gain Board Certification and a Charter?
    A: Read the AAPM™ requirements page and then apply. to our Graduate Board of Standards Review.
  • What is AAFMs Mission?
    A: Click Here to Read the AAPM Global Mission Statement
  • Can our company offer AAPM Certified Training?
    A: AAPM™ offers courses worldwide. If you desire in-house corporate training or your institution has an interest in offering AAPM Executive Certification Programs through your training centers, company, or college, please contact us by clicking here.
  • How about AAPM Training?
    A: AAPM approves graduate project management training in conjunction with AAFM Global, TJSL ABA Law School, AACSB schools, ACBSP schools, The Arab Academy, AApM Asia International, AApM China, and The India Business and Management Academy, ME, and many others. Many executive training companies are offering AAPM certification training courses in several countries worldwide. These programs utilize AAPM Certified Trainers and Professors along with the globally recognized AAPM Graduate Project Management Materials that are based on AAPM GRADTOP treatise of protocols.
  • What other recognition does AAPM have?
    A: AAPM and the CEC Institute has been listed or recognized by a vast number of certification authorities and commentators along with listing on the the Department of Education Website, Through Global Alliances, Worldwide Distribution, Through professional membership in Accreditation Organizations, and through global trademark agreements.
  • How do I gain AAPM Board Certification and a Charter?
    A: Read the AAPM™ requirements page and then apply



Master Project Manager (MPM) Program

February 8 & 9, 2018
Astoria Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City

Certified International Project Manager (CIPM)

February 16, 2018
Astoria Plaza Hotel, Ortigas Center,
Pasig City