MPM Program Testimonials

"The MPM course helped me organized my thoughts in project management fundamentals. From
a vast picture of the project management concepts, it came now to a more specific and organize
thought process."

Carolyn Rose G. Lao
Marketing Manager
RCBC Bankard


"The MPM course/program refreshes my basic knowledge on project management."

Carina R. Kabigting
Engineer III Civil Work Division
DCCD Engineering Corporation


"The good: Learned new tools and standard practice.
The bad: Didn’t really get a lot of sample templates.
The Ugly: The trainer is always late!"

Karluis R. Dionela
Vendor Manager


"The program was beneficial wherein it help validate some of my ideas and presented my with
new ideas, and different and new solutions to problems."

Juan Jose Jamora IV.
General Manager
Consultancy & Managent Corp.


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