MPM Program Testimonials

"This program is a great refresher of program & project management fundamentals and the vital
concepts of the discipline. Most importantly, the program asserts projects management as a key driver
in maintaining the competitiveness of organizations by implementing strategic & tactical initiatives, in
the most orderly manner. After this program I believe in having more confidence in performing my role
as a PM, and it inspires me more to share my PM knowledge & skills with the colleagues. Thank you!"

Juan Vicente S. Torres
Solutions Lead Analyst/Program Manager
Citibank N.A. ROHQ


"I have now realized that a project manager is very essential to every organization. It refines our day-
today job and making it more concise and realistic to produce project’s success."

Rachel Sulit


"I am very grateful to have this opportunity to train as project manager. Since I am not that inclined to
management. I have learned all the basics and techniques that a project manager should know. I am
blessed with my classmates for they are all professionals in their own expertise they share their
thoughts about something they know well. Truly, this is a game changer in my career. I am a registered
nurse turned project manager."

Cedric Jose R. Bernardez
Project Manager
D’ Business Innovators and Builders


"Being in the industry for almost 10 years, I thought that I knew the pm technique. But this seminar
shows that I need learn more. To become an expert in this discipline. I commend rence for teaching us
new things.""

Ed Peralta