MPM Program Testimonials

"The course allowed me to evaluate the current methods & employ as a project manager to get the job
done. I discovered the background & purpose of processes and was able to take away those which I
thought to be most useful in my line of work. There was quite a lot of value in the content of the

Monica Cristina Trajano
Project Development Manager


"I was referred by a friend of mine to take this program to improve my skills as a project manager. I learned a lot from the speaker as he also provided valuable experiences and insights in terms of each phases of the project. The course can be directly related to each of the industry mentioned by the speaker."

Dominico Roi R. De Castro
Sr. Project Manager
NASC Technologies Inc.


"As a CPA, I now have a clearer view of the Project Management & now I understand that I have been doing a lot of “Project Manager” functions. Thus, now I know that I am a CPA & a Project Manager at the same time."

Degina B. Belenzo
VP Finance
Sunwest Const. & Dev’t Corp.


"IThe program provided additional tools for the project manager on how to enhance project management. It was very organized and provided a very conducive venue for the program. It sparkled the time of manager to continually hunger for continuous education."

Jocelyn F. Sales
Vice President of Accounts
Sunwest Const. & Dev’t Corp.


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