MPM Program Testimonials

"Joining the program made me realize what I was doing incorrectly in my projects, likewise it confirmed
when I was actually on point. It was a great program overall."

Micalo Constantino
Project & Document Control Manager
Ultra Mobile


"Very enriching experience"

Kathi Comia
Site Director


"I am thankful to have taken this training. Before, I am not really confident in hadling a project in my
dept. because of my little knowledge on how to do it. But after this training, I would say I can now start
at least and share input with my team."

Perlita Gasgonia
Transport & Customs Specialist
Schnerder Electric


"The facilitator is very good, an expert but, the module that was provided to us is not updated."

Romina Argete
Transport & customs lead
Schneider Electric


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