MPM Program Testimonials

"I value the learning and enrichment of experience I gained from the workshop seminar. However, I think 2 days are not enough to practice all the case studies. I would recommend to devote 2 whole days for guided lecture and solving case studies. The exams can be online or for 4 hrs on the third day. In addition, I have some frustrations on learning that the fee for MPM certification is separate from the course fee. This was not in conformance with the published brochure on the program. I wish this omission is corrected."

Felix N. Adul, Jr.
General Manager
Citafel Trading & Services


"Thank you & keep it up."

Ma. Adela A. Roxas
Project Executive
Medimarketing Inc. (MIMS)


"It provided me tools on how to manage project effectively and efficiently. The use of management theories to project management perspective was very enlightening in understanding customers behavior and be able to react on it."

Conrado Bergantiños
Tech Consultant Project Manager
MPM Batch 26


"I’ve learned a lot of concerns & other facets regarding project management. The speaker invited was an expert in his field. He gave relevant examples & entertained, answered our questions in a comprehensive manner."

Mumtazmahal Quevedo
Project Development Manager
Aboitiz Land Inc.


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