MPM Program Testimonials

"The resource person is very effective the seminar course introduced me to new approaches that
can be applied in my functions in my organization."

Rachelle Maria C. Bunao
Senior Manager
RG Financial Services (Philippines) Limited Inc.


"The trainer/facilitator is excellent and gas defined his lecture/subject matter well. However, due
to lack of material time I wasn’t able to comprehend the other matters which I believe is also important."

Bernardo A. Ortañez Jr.
Electrical Engineer
Consolidated Building Maintenance Inc.


"This course is very helpful in making me realize more the importance of how continuous
knowledge is needed by everyone even if you feel you know so much."

Johan L. Gomez
Project Engineering Manager
SM Development Corporation


"I like this program because I learned a lot not only from the speaker but also from the
participants. The lessons were concretized from many actual experiences."

Alice C. Lee
Assistant Product Manager
BioFemme Inc.


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