MPM Program Testimonials

"Very interesting, enhance the knowledge and capability of project managers and improve one-
self in committing for the responsibility, being a leader of a project team with quality oriented and the
tool for successful completion of a given project. Thank you very much and Godbless."

Edwin M. Villanueva
Engineer IV Civil Work Division
DCCD Engineering Corporation


"I’m very satisfied with the lecturer but the schedule is to short, not enough to absorb all the top
lecturers of the course."

Zaldy B. Oliquino
Senior Manager
FDC Utilities Inc.


"In summary, I am satisfied with the two day seminar and this venue helped me to refresh what I
learned a long-time ago and how to implement it not only on our day-to- day work lifes but also in our
personal family lives. I have a great respect with the lecturer since I can see that he is living what he is
lecturing and his knowledge is a big help to the young managers."

Hazel B. Alvarez
Project Development Engineering
FDC Utilities Inc.


"One day of the few seminars I rarely felt asleep. Topics were very informative though general in
approach. The “quality control” at the end via examination is good, to ensure learning has taken place.
The speaker is very knowledgeable and has shown expertise on the subject by giving a lot of relevant
examples. He’s also an energetic speaker and has a clear voice."

Vladimir H. Santos
MFI Foundation Inc.


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