MPM Program Testimonials

"Being a mechanical engineer with no project management courses in university a post from the
odd operations management course, this training allowed me to have structured project management
overview which will serve as the basis upon which I could up on in my execution of the duties of a
project manager."

Timothy James B. Ayson
Project Manager
Lufthansa technik Philippines


"I’m thankful to be a member of this batch and wishes to meet all the group in next seminar."

Juanito F. Pangilinan
Consultant Manager
GRbenfield Devt. Corp.


"It is a new learning experience and a refresher. Attending this training will enhance my
management skills and will help me overcome issues at my work place and people handing skills."

Chrissien B. Yu
Const. Officer
Greenfield Devt. Corp.


"I would like to congratulate Mr. Terenece Sorono for providing the seminar.
I have learned new concepts and what a project manager is from someone who have practiced
in several industry. It is good to know the problems. I faced everyday is also experienced by others from
different industries."

Project Manager
Lufthansa Technik Philippines


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