MPM Program Testimonials

"Too many concepts but too little real life examples. I like it more when the
other managers share their experiences related to the concepts."

Pocholo Reyes


"The program was a wake –up call. In fact this is a review of what I have gone
through in the past with more inputs. However, two days was not enough to
assimilate all the topics. Nevertheless, the knowledge learned will be a guiding light
to become a better manager."

Jocelyn Galapon
Group Manager
Philex Mining Corp.


"What I appreciated most about the training are the wide-range experiences
of the trainer and the training attendees. It made us widen our horizons on project
management as we are shared with ideas & experiences of leaders from different

Maria Bella Layrit
Transitions Optical Phil’s. Inc.


"I’ve learned a lot from this course. The knowledge I’ve gained will truly help
me manage projects not only in my job, but also in my everyday tasks. Thank You!"

Jose Jaime De Rivera
Solutions Exchange Inc.


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