MPM Program Testimonials

"As expected. I was able to gain knowledge and I am positive that."

Renee Ruth L. Cruz
Project Manager
Framedia, Inc.


"It’s a power-packed seminar!"

Beverly Ann Jamlig
Project Manager
Framedia, Inc.


"This is a very in-depth course that is universally applicable to any field of work. The speaker is very

Catalino S. Demetria
Veterinarian IV


"This training was delivered using the right mix of theoretical and practical tools which I can immediately
apply at my level professionally. It exceeded my expectations in terms of learning outcomes and
approach. During the course of the training, I was able to gauge the current level that I am in, in terms of
project management and it defined to me clearly the things that I have to improve on. Congratulations
to me learn for a well-executed training program."

Lei Lanna Dancel
Quality Assurance Officer
Research Inst. for Tropical Medicine


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