MPM Program Testimonials

"This is a great learning experience on my part. My great learning of course is how to simplify
requirements of a certain project using the work breakdown structure. I think this WBS is a perfect tool
especially to project managers in order to monitor and prevent possible problems and issues that may
be a rise during the implementation of project such as delays, variation orders, lack of equipment,
permit & licenses, regulatory and legal requirements, etc."

Victor Emmanuel G. Viloria
First Gen Hydro Power Corp.


"A very informative training."

Carmelo Buzon
Implementation manager
Ericson Philippines


"This program solidified the principles I learned from doing the actual project management. Not only
that, it also introduced new concepts that can be applied and taught in my organization."

Elijahmar Cogollodo
Project Manager


"Course is very interesting and knowledgeable but was compressed in 2 days!"

Ian S. Santos
Implementation Manager
Ericson Philippines


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