MPM Program Testimonials

"An appropriate training for middle managers who wants to improve more their talents, skills and
abilities. More power!."

John Emmanuel L. Gonzales
Administrative Officer
MicroEnsure Philippines


"Definitely one of the few sessions on Project Management where my expectations were met.
The discussion went beyond definitions and theories especially that Terence took time to provide as
many samples as possible to allow the participants have a better view of project management concepts,
theories and practices."

Ma.Bernadette S. Aquino
Implementations Manager


"Master Project Manager is a new concept to meal first. I thought that this is a whole new set of
knowledge and tools that I can use in my current position. As the discussion goes along, I started to
realize that we are already using most of the concepts in a non structured way. Having attended the
program, it will help me to create a structured approach in dealing with my projects.
Concepts are very simple and basic that can be used by any line of work from manufacturing,
BPO to supply chain. Discussion lectures are very light but very informative."

Mark N. Palileo
Logistic Specialist
Nestle Philippines Inc.


"I have attended other project management workshops and so far this is the most concise, “all-
encompassing” training yet. The approach is practical and general and can be applied to any industry.
However, it would have been more fruitful if there were at least a few more hours to discuss
thoroughly all of the topics.
Nevertheless, a very good training for project managers and even aspiring leaders."

Richard T. Relator
Logistic Specialist
Nestle Philippines Inc.


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