MPM Program Testimonials

"The seminar is very helpful."

Natalio Dave Romulo C. Velez
Transport Executive
Nestle Philippines Inc.


"The whole program has helped me to realize how critical the function of a project manager. As
described by the lecturer. We are a little CEO who should know all areas in the organization in order to
react effectively and efficiently on any situation. As a project manager you should always take into
consideration all possible factors that may affect the accomplishment of your goal, from resource play,
cost, quality, risk, procurement, acceptance and the final outcome.
The training has helped me gain the right skills and knowledge to make me a more effective and
efficient project manager."

Alan A. Baroña
Stream Global Services


"This training gave me a realization of what kind of leader I am and made me also learn the other
types of leaders. Sir Terrence’s stories and scenarios gave light on how I can be more effective in
handling a team. Through this project, it made me realize and appreciate the complexity at being a
project manager."

Elaine B. Macospag
Stream Global Services


"The Master Project Management Program is highly informative and equips the manager with
the right tools to use in effectively managing projects.

Anthony B. Rivera
Marketing Manager
Embassy of Malaysia


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