"Being in the industry for almost 10 years, I thought that I knew the pm technique. But this seminar shows that I need learn more to become an expert in this discipline. I commend Rence for teaching us new things."

Ed Peralta

"I am very grateful to have this opportunity to train as project manager. Since I am not that inclined to management. I have learned all the basics and techniques that a project manager should know. I am blessed with my classmates for they are all professionals in their own expertise they share their thoughts about something they know well. Truly, this is a game changer in my career. I am a registered nurse turned project manager."

Cedric Jose R. Bernardez              
Project Manager
D’ Business Innovators and Builders

"I have now realized that a project manager is very essential to every organization. It refines our day-today job and making it more concise and realistic to produce project’s success."

Rachel Sulit

"I enjoyed the fun and experiential approach as well as the realistic discussions in the class. No dull moment and very informative."

Clarice Cuevas-Estrella
Project Manager
Teleperformance Phils.

"The training is very informative and practical. It was a great learning experience! Thank you very much!"

Lui Cerezo           
Acting Accounting Manager/PM

"The MPM program provided me with a basic framework on how we address present issues in a project & how we deal with it in an efficient & effective manner."

Randyl Tabajonda

"Course is very informative. Highly recommended to practicing PMs."

Dennis Quiroga
Project Manager

"Attending this session made me appreciate my job as a project manager with the additional & experience shared by my co trainees. More prepared & ready to face any challenge."

Paulo Pantanglo               
Project Manager

"I was able to understand the other concept of project management that can be applied to decision makings at work. Sharing from participants of the training are helpful on same practical application and new learnings."

Jenny Baltazar   
Business Development Manager
Testech Group Inc.

"The workshop helps me enhance my skills in project planning/management. What topic hide best is the manual computation of critical path, ES/EF."

Janette B. Venus
Project Planner
776SI – ADB

"As an analyst assigned to a project management role, the program is very helpful to map out what tasks, strategies and improvements I can do to efficiently accomplish things."

Ciara Nicole Songco
Trans Union Information Solutions

"Before attending the AAPM seminar on Project management, I honestly didn’t think this was for me. My colleagues were already established and experienced project managers and me just a fresh graduate. But at the end of the day I learned a lot about project management and I hope to apply what I’ve learned when I finally land a job."

Miguel D. Adriano
Assistant to the General Manager
Aremay Enterprise

"Based on my experience, this program helped me integrate all those knowledge & experiences. It will help me in my work."

Julieta C. Bautista
Managing Consultant
JUB Business Consulting

"The program/seminar is enlightening. It helped me realize my weaknesses & turn them to strengths."

Christopher Arzadon
Gen. Manager
Primark Tooling Ind. Corp.

"The program was delivered professionally and I grasp a lot of additional knowledge that could improve and enhance my technique in project management."

Remigio Rex Jamilarin   
Plant Engineer
FPC Green Energy

"Nowadays, being on top of your game does not necessarily mean that you only have experience. It’s better to be relevant and to be relevant. Means to be familiarized and acquainted with the latest trends. I salute AAPM for bringing us project managers together to share our experiences, laugh on our mistakes and look forward to the future. Thank you AAPM for this is valuable support in our project management journey."

Paul D. Canhan
Project Coordinator III
Department of Health

"The MPM program was a good learning activity where my knowledge of project management as well as my practical experiences in performing project management was refreshed & validated."

Enrique M. Sonoy Jr.
Sr. Engineer Director
Sun Power Corporation

"At first I thought this was just simple & old style training but to my surprise, I learned a lot of new things that I found useful to apply to my company. Sharing from attendees who were experts in their own professions did help a lot to open up new ideas."

Clarissa Abesamis
Engineer 2/NPI Project Manager
Maxim Phil. Operating Corporation

"Very good program especially for those that already have the foundation knowledge and in looking for enrichment material"

Ian Keith Basan

"The course is an eye opener for me in terms of validating and improving skills and knowledge in project management."

Jonathan C. Cordero
General Manager

"Great! This is a good way to learn Project Management."

Ronald B. Ulep
Project Manager
NCR Corp Phils

"The seminar is timely and highly recommended for beginners in the field of Project Management. The participant will gain a sufficient knowledge, skills & tools in Project Management that is applicable in their respective work as Project Manager."

Neil C. Guillen
Project Manager
Filinvest Development Corp. Utilities Inc.

"The MPM training module provides valuable insights to practicing project managers. The course provides a good theoretical background for framing real like project management challenges. It also allows for sharing of experiences and learning from different contexts through the class."

Loyd Brendan P. Norella
Program Director
ISEAN HIVOS Program Jakarta

"The trainer/facilitator is excellent and has defined his lecture/subject matter well. However, due to lack of material time, I wasn’t able to comprehend the other matters which I believe is also important."

Ortañez, Bernardo A. Jr.
Electrical Engineer
Consolidated Building Maintenance Inc.

"The resource person is very effective. The seminar course introduced me to new approaches that can be applied in my functions in my organization."

Bunao, Rachelle Maria C.
Senior Manager
RG Financial Services (Philippines) Limited Inc.

"I find this training module very beneficial and educational as I not only learned the technical aspects of project management but the leadership skills required from a project manager. It gave me a wholistic view of all the management facets encompassing project management."

Tecson, Jhoanna Fe I.
Finance Manager
Littelfuse Phils. Inc.

"Very informative and timely to our organization!"

Yuvienco, Rhodora P.
Service Manager
Consolidated Building Maintenance Inc.

"Very interactive session! Real scenarios were presented."

Espiritu, Herminigildo C.
Senior Test Engineer
NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao

"I will apply what I have learned/absorbed in this 2 day course to the best of my abilities."

Picazo, John Kerwin M.
Test Operations Manager
NXP Semiconductors Cabuyao

"I had the best time! The class was so interesting and attendees were so participative that you’ll learn not only from the materials provided but also from all of their experiences."

Arago, Arachele D.
Senior Business Development Officer
Energreen Power Development & Management Inc.

"The course will surely be of help in conceptualizing, planning and implementing projects concerning my area of expertise. Currently, the bank aims to rid its book of much of the non performing assets, non performing loans and litigated accounts. Organizing cross-functional teams that can address this concern will be easier with the management skills learned from this course. Moreover, as banks are oversee to risks, the principles learned in risk management will come in handy."

Ruth Salome Magpayo
Senior Manager
Program - Batch 1

"A superb experience, it’s like a problem solving technique in a bigger and wider perspective."

Pet Español III
Transnational Logistics Inc.
Program - Batch 1

“I took the Masters in Project Management program to improve on my own project management skills, but the course went beyond my expectations and gave me the tools and techniques I needed to introduce project management to my organization. The experienced provided me a multitude of relevant examples and the exercises prepared me for actually practicing good project management. I discovered that the greatest depth of understanding comes from those who have formal project management education.”

Mark Anthony Frias
Marketing Specialist
Program - Batch 2

The MPM Program is really a great tool of knowledge foe current and inspiring project managers. An excellent package of learning offered in a concise, direct to the point manner.

April Angela dela Cruz
Corp. Planning Officer
ALC Holdings Co, Inc.

The program enhanced my knowledge of project management and respond opportunities where I can apply it in the work place.

Senen U. Reyes
Sr. MET Specialist

Program reinforces my knowledge on Project Management. The participation of the group on discussing shared experiences enhances more the programs objective.

Ruel Arga

Being someone with very little experiences with project management, I can say that I learned a lot from this training. I learned, not only through the trainor, but also through my co-trainees. I appreciate that I belonged to a group who have different expertise that gave me insight to their lines of work and new learning’s through firs-hand stories.
Trainor is very good at giving examples. It helped a lot that relates topics to current events and practical situations.

Davi Adeline Paungan
IT Consulting
Synersys Consulting

Too many concepts but too little real life examples. I like it more when the other managers share their experiences related to the concepts.

Pocholo Reyes

The program was a wake –up call. In fact this is a review of what I have gone through in the past with more inputs. However, two days was not enough to assimilate all the topics. Nevertheless, the knowledge learned will be a guiding light to become a better manager.

Jocelyn Galapon
Group Manager
Philex Mining Corp.

What I appreciated most about the training are the wide-range experiences of the trainer and the training attendees. It made us widen our horizons on project management as we are shared with ideas & experiences of leaders from different industries.

Maria Bella Layrit
Transitions Optical Phil’s. Inc.

I’ve learned a lot from this course. The knowledge I’ve gained will truly help me manage projects not only in my job, but also in my everyday tasks. Thank You!

Jose Jaime De Rivera
Solutions Exchange Inc.

This is a good course for scientists or professional w/out or minimal management background.
Practical experiences are reinforced; bad habit identified.

Csc Manipon
Senior Geologist

Good Lecture, but scope of topics too much for a two-day course.

Victor Maglambayan
Division Manager
Philex Mining Corp.

I’m actually excited on this program for the project manager. This would help me and my organization to correct necessary things in implementing projects effectively and in line with effective planning and in a condition of sound projects w/ quality and safety.

Dennis Rommerick Tuazon
Project Office
GSK Foundation (Phil’s), Inc.

Very informative training that can be applied on actual work achieving the business objective of our company.

The experiences shared by the co-trainee are very much helpful on future application in handling projects well.

The case studies will be helpful too.

Renel Recillo
Quality Engineer
Transitions Optical Phil’s. Inc.


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