MPM Program Testimonials

"The training was very well managed and the speaker / trainor just only taught the necessary technical skills required in project management but he also touched on different faces on how be successful project manager."

Jeramaine H. Loyola
Facilities Manager
Arinso Philippines Int’l Inc


"I had attended several project mgt trainings already; so far this is the most comprehensive I attended. It does not come only the basic principles but also general management principles that are needed by us. Although our facilitator is in the ICT field, the examples given are still “relatable” to our specific field of industry. The pacing is just enough and the facilitator is very engaging. A lot of examples are given to illustrate important points. Overall, the high cost of training (training fee, accommodation, fare, per diem allowance) is justice able with the quality of cocktail and facilitator provide."

Cyel Aliza
Aboitizland Inc


"I have attended a number of project management program so far this program has been the most complete and comprehensive."

Mary Heidi Odelique
Manager, Project Development
Aboitizland Inc


"The program gave me a firmer and clearer frameworks and foundation of project management. It impulsive not only on the management project of a but also of the individual, the organization and the community."

Nasvin Del Rosario
Customer Development Manager / Lecturer
Unilever Phils RFM Ice Cream Inc / UP Cebu


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